Travelling in Motorhomes with Children

10 Tips for travelling in motorhome with children

Travelling in motorhome with children can be an unforgettable experience, as they offer an opportunity for enriching experiences as a family. They provide an incredible sense of freedom and flexibility, allowing families to explore at their own pace, have direct contact with nature and economise in terms of accommodation and food; however, when we are with the little ones, some recommendations should always be considered.

Recommendations for travelling in motorhome with children

1. Choose the Right Motorhome

Choosing the correct vehicle is essential. Consider the size of your family, the needs for space, and the equipment you require. Safety is paramount, and fuel consumption must also be taken into account.

2. Plan the Route

It’s advisable to plan the route considering destinations that offer attractive activities for children: natural parks, beaches, family-friendly campsites, or even theme parks. This planning will contribute to a more enjoyable and memorable trip.

3. Respect Timetables and Routines

Try to maintain, as far as possible, children’s routines, especially sleep and meal times. The pace of the trip should adapt to the age and energy of the little ones to avoid disruptions and fatigue.

4. Games and Activities

Bring along games and activities to entertain the children during journeys and stops. Books, music, films, toys, or crafts can be great allies on the route.

5. Involve the Children

Make children part of the preparation and development of the trip, making decisions, carrying out tasks, and taking on responsibilities. This will make them feel important and excited about the adventure.

6. Teach the Functioning and Care of the Motorhome

It’s crucial to teach the little ones about the responsible use of water, electricity, safety rules, and respect for the environment. This will instil values and responsibilities while they enjoy nature.

7. Encourage Learning and Discovery

Take advantage of the benefits of travelling in a motorhome to promote children’s learning. Visit historical, cultural, or natural places, and engage in educational activities.

8. Consider Special Needs

If your child has allergies, chronic illnesses, or needs medication, prepare in advance. Always carry a first aid kit with what you need for any eventuality.

9. Take out Travel Insurance

Travel insurance that covers possible unforeseen events is always recommended. This way, you can enjoy your adventure with the peace of mind of being protected against any eventuality.

10. Safety Equipment for Children

Equip your motorhome with elements that ensure the comfort and safety of children. Approved chairs, seat belts, and child restraint systems are essential.

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