5 advantages of travelling in a motorhome during COVID-19

Traveling with Piqueras Motorhomes

Travelling in a motorhome in times of COVID-19 has become one of the most attractive options for getting away with maximum flexibility, freedom and security.

It’s very probable that you haven’t been able to travel this year, and are roaring to continue travelling, exploring, and getting to know amazing places. As such, we are going to give you some compelling reasons, for why travelling in a motorhome is possibly nowadays the best option to continue enjoying travelling and to be able to peacefully disconnect.

Motorhoming allows you to travel securely with the whole family and enjoy spectacular views and incredible gardens on a daily basis. Many people have become interested in our sector owing to the restrictions currently in place in various countries due to COVID-19. We know that the context of this health crisis will make the return to the new normal a gradual one, and always with prudence. For this reason, we should be more responsible when travelling in order to protect ourselves and others.

There are many advantages of travelling in a motorhome during coronavirus, without interfering in the daily activities of the travellers, and permitting the highest possible security.

The main advantages that you can benefit from by travelling in a motorhome are:

Set the rhythm of your travel

Travelling in a motorhome provides a tranquil and familiar atmosphere, where we have the possibility of accessing nearly any place, with our schedules, our own rhythm, and the most important, in a way that may be our pleasure to do so.

Any last-minute change in the planning of our travel may be implemented without restriction. The time and stay will be determined by pleasure and comfort that each visited place provides.

Take everything you need for the trip

A motorhome will become your home for the duration of your travel, offering the possibility to take all the necessary equipment for the whole family. It’s important to take all our travel items like bed sheets, food, kitchen accessories, identification documents of family members, and a torch.

The great capacity of motorhomes permits taking necessary equipment and objects that would otherwise be difficult to travel with, and would incur an excessive cost. Moreover, the large capacity for charging accessories easily permit transport of bicycles or skiing accessories, if one wants to practice sport.

Strengthen your social relationships

By travelling with your family, you will be able to disconnect and strengthen relationships with your relatives. In passing more time together, interpersonal relationships will be reinforced, owing to the fabulous atmosphere that motorhoming offers. Moreover, you will be able to partake in more outings to the street, and engage in all kinds of activities and share experiences with the locals.


When travelling in a motorhome there are no schedule impositions or restrictions on where to spend the night. Travelers can freely decide to camp in authorised places following a day of discovering hidden places, charming villages, far from the sound and contamination of a big city.

You can disconnect and forget about stress. Rushing will no longer form a part of the trip, and schedules will no longer be important when you decide to travel with your family in a motorhome. It’s a different form of tourism that will facilitate getting closer to the culture and customs of the different destinations visited.

In general, children love to travel in a motorhome, since to them it seems like a unique place owing to the possibilities offered by the furniture in the cabin. They will consider the perfect complement to any campsite or natural place you decide to camp.

Maximum security

Travelling with Autocaravanas Piqueras is currently one of the safest means of travelling. All our motorhomes are subject to exhaustive cleaning and disinfection to guarantee completely aseptic surfaces, where noxious microorganisms like COVID-19 cannot proliferate.

Once the travel with one of our motorhomes is initiated the responsibility of your health will be back in your own hands, since only you will be responsible for granting access to the interior of the cabin. No less important, is the fact that you’re not obliged to make use of public showers and bathrooms, since the motorhome is fully equipped with a bathroom, sink, shower with hot water, and a toilet. As such, minimizing possible risks of contagion and adequately protecting your health.

And for you, what other advantages are there to travelling in a motorhome during COVID-19?