Basque Country by motorhome routes and what to see

Basque Country by motorhome. Routes and What to See

Basque Country by motorhome. Routes and What to See

If you want to visit the Basque Country by motorhome in Autocaravanas Hermanos Piqueras/Hermanos Piqueras Motorhomes, we will explain the best routes and what to see.

The vacations are coming, and you should not waste time if you want to know the best of the Basque Country aboard a motorhome, the best option to enjoy a closer and exciting experience with the family. Below, we leave you a perfect route to know the most beautiful of the region in a few days.

What can you expect from the Basque Country by motorhome?

The Basque Country, also known as Euskadi, is an autonomous community of Spain that is considered a historical nationality. It also has its language, Basque, the oldest language in Europe.

Stunning cliffs, beautiful beaches where you can relax, and dense green forests where you can walk and get in touch with nature await you on the route through the Basque Country. Hidden rural villages and coastal areas offer some of the best scenery in northern Spain. In addition, at each stop, you will enjoy its famous gastronomy, traditional cultural highlights, and lively cities, where the friendly locals will make you feel welcome.

Remember that this is a small guide to travel by motorhome; there is a lot to do in the Basque Country. However, the following route will surely delight you from the very first moment.


The best place to start is Hondarribia, next to the French border. On this first route, you will get to know a beautiful town, with a walled old town and charming, colorful houses.

It offers several points of tourist interest, such as the calle Mayor, the church of Santa Maria de la Asuncion y del Manzano, the castle of Carlos V, and the neighborhood of La Marina.

San Sebastián – Donostia

The city of San Sebastian – Donostia is 23 kilometers from Hondarribia. Its location on the coast is perfect for enjoying the beach and the sea. Leave the motorhome in a parking lot on the outskirts to explore the city on foot.

There are many places to visit, such as the beautiful urban beach La Concha; you can walk along the promenade of San Sebastian and fall in love with its design or take the funicular to Mount Igueldo and have the best views of the city.


Our route continues to Zumaia, a recommended stop for motorhomes. The coastal area is known for the flysch, huge and steep cliffs with striking shapes.

Visit the San Telmo hermitage for breathtaking coastline views due to its unique position atop the cliffs. Or, visit the old town to see old buildings with a lot of history.


A small fishing village will make you fall in love as soon as you arrive. The Basilica of the Assumption of Santa Maria is the region’s emblem for its Gothic style. When you visit it, you will see the Retablo Mayor (main altarpiece), one of the largest in Spain.

The seaport of the town of Lekeiko is lovely, and on the beach of Isuntza, you can enjoy calm waters and golden sand, perfect for rest and relaxation after the road trip.

Travel all over the Basque Country by Motorhome

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