Discover Spain in a Motorhome with your partner

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly common to travel through Spain in a motorhome, and what better way to do that than with your partner? It is a unique experience that allows you to visit every corner of Spain at your own pace, without the pressure of an organised journey, and at the same time, allows you to experience the entire journey cohabiting with your partner.

It is as simple as renting a motorhome and beginning the journey and route of your choice. If you would like some pieces of advice on travelling with your partner, and the best places to visit in Spain, continue reading.

Advice for travelling with your partner in a motorhome


It is important to choose the appropriate motorhome, if you are going to travel with your partner, you do not want one too big, given that the greater the size, the greater the fuel consumption, driving difficulty, and issues parking. A small motorhome will suffice, with two sections for you and your partner to comfortably enjoy.

The ideal option for a couple is a campervan. They are smaller, but provide you with all the equipment and space you will both need. They are also easier to maintain and will allow you and your partner to visit the more enclosed and hidden parts of Spain.


Here you can view all the available models that Autocaravanas Piqueras offers



The advantage of travelling in a motorhome is that you do not need to plan much, having said that, it is good to know where you are spending the night. There are now many applications in which you can find the location and reviews of caravan parks.

These caravan parks can be a good option to spend the night if you are travelling with your partner, as they offer more tranquility than camping, and you will have all the necessary services at your disposal. Caravan parks are also generally situated in places with beautiful views in a place where you will be able to cherish the morning sunrise.

If you would like more advice regarding travelling in a motorhome, you can find more information on our Blog.

Places to visit in Spain with your partner in a motorhome



From Cape Cat up to the coast of Huelva, you will be able to familiarise yourself with the unforgettable coves and beaches. If you do not have much time, you can even choose to explore just a single province, such as the coast of Cadiz. If you are having a bigger holiday, however, you can extend your route and see even more of the majestic hidden gems.


Another of the most sought after areas for travelling Spain in a motorhome. There are various routes to choose from in the Basque Country, and each with its own delight. One of our favourites, that we recommend at Autocaravanas Piqueras, is the French Basque Country route.


For example, the Ribeira Sacra route, passing the river banks, or opting for seeing the beaches, like the As Catedrais beach, which is one of the most beautiful Spanish beaches in the Lugo province.


Like the route(s) through the Andalusian Coast, if you like beaches then this is a great option. You will get to see some of the most serene coves of Catalonia, alongside their fishing villages.


If rather than the beach, you and your partner prefer the mountains, this is a perfect alternative to enjoy the natural environment and multitude of sport activities, while also being able to see the villages and witness their quaint charm.