How much does it cost to rent a Motorhome?

Travelling in a motorhome can be an unforgettable experience, giving you the opportunity to live with your family or friends, with the tranquillity of having everything you need with you and the freedom of being able to go where you want more economically, keeping in mind at your disposal you have transport, accommodation and a kitchen all in one.

If you want to know how much it costs to rent a motorhome, this is the perfect site, here you can see the fundamental differences in price when it comes to renting a motorhome:

The cost of renting a motorhome will depend on:


The price predominantly depends on the season, since it is not the same to rent a motorhome in a season of high versus low demand. From October to March tend to be the low season, while the months from March to October tend to be high, especially the months in summer.


One of the most important things to know is how many people are going to be travelling, since that determines the size of the motorhome that we will need, and it is necessary to distinguish between places for the day and places for the night.

Take note that the beds are not the same as the travelling seating:

There are types of motorhomes that can have up to nine approved designated compartments, but the beds are limited to the given space in some of these compartments. On the other hand, there are motorhomes that only have two designated compartments but have more than two beds to accommodate up to four guests per night.


There is a wide range of options, depending on the individual needs, for travelling alone, with a partner, with family, or with friends.

Renting a small motorhome is not the same as renting a large one, that provides us with all the necessary amenities, and allows us to experience a much better interior living space, and is fully equipped. Evidently, the price will be a bit higher for these, but apart from the price to rent the motorhome, there are many other inherent costs, such as food for the journey. Having said that, travelling in a motorhome allows you to save in that respect, since you have access to a kitchen.

Other factors that determine the cost to rent a motorhome:


The main cost is the fuel, depending on the distance that we want to travel. In this case, the kilometres that we travel will have an influence, and the price of the fuel may also vary if we travel from one country to another, or the size, weight and type of motorhome, since they don’t all consume the same amount.


Depending on where we are going to spend the night will also cause the price of our journey to vary. It’s not the same cost to spend a night in a campsite or in a motorhome park. Motorhome parks are almost always free or very cheap, and generally offer all the basic services you need like emptying water tanks, electricity, security in an enclosed space etc.

There are many applications to easily find these parks, and they are constantly increasing. The camp sites offer many more extra services, however, such as showers, restaurants, child areas etc. But their price is higher, varying depending on the campsite, the season, the size of the campsite space used, and the travellers etc.

You can check how much it costs to rent a motorhome at Autocaravanas Piqueras via our rates section and now that you know the price and costs of renting a motorhome, the only thing remaining is, enjoy the experience!