Luxury Motorhomes Rental Malaga

Luxury Motorhomes Rental Malaga

There is more demand for Luxury Motorhomes Rental Malaga as they are an excellent choice for those who wish to temporarily enjoy a stay with maximum comfort and flexibility without having to deal with the costs of purchase and maintenance required by this type of vehicle.

Luxury motorhomes are an excellent option for touring the different landscapes of our country. Our rental company offers you various luxury models with all the comforts you may need.

Next, we are going to review some of our models.

Luxury Motorhomes Rental Malaga Models

We offer a wide variety of motorhomes available for rent. We seek to provide a quality service with fully equipped vehicles so you can enjoy your trip with your loved ones. Thanks to our comprehensive catalog, you can find the best model that suits your requirements.

We stand out in the market for having more than 20 models of motorhomes ready to be rented with all the required equipment and air conditioning. For that reason, we are the leading company for those looking for an unforgettable experience aboard a motorhome.

Please choose the one you are most interested in to see more details and photos. To help you a little in your search, we share with you 5 outstanding models of motorhomes:

Sunlight i68:

The Sunlight i68 model has 5 seats and a 109-hp diesel engine. It can transport up to 3500 kilograms gross weight, has 4 power outlets or plugs, has adjustable seats, and, in the case of the passenger, a swivel seat and a 122-liter clean water tank.

luxury motorhome rental malaga

Benimar Mileo 263

The Benimar Mileo motorhome has a 130-hp diesel engine and 5 seats. The seats are height adjustable, and it has a folding bed, a bed in the dinette, and rear beds. Its drinking water tank can hold up to 120 liters, while the waste water tank can hold up to 105 liters.

Carado t499 plus

The t499 plus range has a 130 hp diesel engine and 5 seats. It has 3 230 V sockets and different sleeping surfaces.

luxury motorhomes rental in malaga

Mclouis Glamys 220 plus confort

The McLouis Glamys Plus model has a 140 hp 6-speed Fiat Ducato engine in conjunction with 6 seats. It has a 140-liter trivalent refrigerator, 2-burner gas stove, 14-inch smart TV, and three different types of beds. Additionally, it has a clean water tank of 140 liters, a grey water tank of 100 liters, and a black tank of 15 liters.

Carado T334

The Carado t344 has a 130-hp diesel engine and 5 seats. It has three 230 V power outlets, an additional load of 685 kilograms, and two sleeping areas, one in the center and one at the rear.

luxury motorhomes rental malaga


With our motorhome rental Malaga, you can travel wherever you want, enjoying the experience without worrying about the vehicle. If you want more information about our services do not hesitate to contact us. We have an extensive experience in the sector and a large number of satisfied customers.