Motorhome Consumption

Motorhome Consumption

Know the amount of motorhome consumption and plan your trip thanks to Autocaravanas Piqueras, your motorhome rental in Marbella.

If you are planning to rent a motorhome to travel by road on vacations, you must know the factors that increase its consumption to avoid additional expenses.

In addition, if you apply several tricks, you can efficiently reduce the consumption of the motorhome during the trip.

Factors that increase the Motorhome Consumption

Several factors increase the consumption of the motorhome when you rent it. The first is the size or aerodynamics of the vehicle. The larger the size, the more fuel it consumes.

In addition, there are several motorhomes, such as the cappuccino or integral, which consume more than the profiled or camper vans, as they are less aerodynamic and wind resistance is higher.


The weight is another determining factor that increases the consumption of the motorhome. If the load is heavier and a more significant number of passengers are traveling, consumption will increase during the trip.


How you drive and the speed at which you move can increase or decrease the fuel consumption of the motorhome. If you drive intelligently, you avoid an increase in consumption. The same applies if you keep your speed below 100 km/h since exceeding this figure increases consumption.

External Factors

On the other hand, several external factors cause an increase in the consumption of the motorhome.

The main one is the weather; if you drive with a headwind, you find a resistance that requires more effort from the vehicle, increasing its consumption.

Similarly, the type of road is a factor that influences; if you go on steep roads or with many climbs, it is customary to stretch the marks a little more; this increases the consumption of the motorhome.

Save on fuel consumption with these tips

Now that you know what factors influence the consumption of the motorhome, you need to know several tips to reduce spending.

  •  The first thing is to review the travel itinerary to look for better routes that will take you to your destination in a shorter distance. In addition, you should maintain a moderate and uniform speed during the trip, changing gears intelligently so as not to rev the engine.
  • Avoid using the motorhome’s air conditioning if possible. When it is on, consumption increases by 5% to 20%. If you travel in summer, use the air conditioning when necessary.
  • Do not carry luggage that you will not use for the trip; reducing the load in the motorhome favors the reduction of consumption.
  • Check that the tires have the proper pressure, that the mechanical parts are in good condition and the state of the moving parts.
  • Visit a professional workshop to decarbonize the engine and remove the residues accumulated in the car that can affect its performance and consumption on the road. You reduce consumption, pollute less, and the operation is smoother when you do this.

In any case, in Autocaravanas Piqueras, we keep the motorhomes in perfect condition to have a minimum consumption during your rental.