Motorhome parking regulations in Spain

It is becoming increasingly common for Spanish people to opt for a motorhome holiday. The ability to decide when and where you want to go in any given moment, the feeling of freedom as you pass through the roads contemplating which part of the countryside and corner of Spain you want to visit, is without a doubt one of the most attractive elements of renting a motorhome.

However, due to the characteristics of the vehicle, its use thereby, and the increase in demand for motorhome rental, it has been necessary to adapt the legislation, and it is important for us to understand it prior to beginning our journey.

The main thing you should know when it comes to motorhome parking in Spain is:


To know the places where camping, or spending the night is permitted, is one of the most important things when it comes to beginning our journey. There are two types of places where it is permitted:


These are enclosures with 24 hour surveillance, and with all the basic services for a motorhome. In addition, they include showers, sinks, restaurants, children’s areas, swimming pools, etc. You will have access to all the necessities to enjoy your holiday, and although they do not tend to be expensive, the price is still higher than a caravan park. The price will vary depending on the campsite, the size of the area etc.


These are a good option given that they tend to be free or very cheap. Camping and spending the night is usually permitted without an issue, and they have all the basic services to dispose of waste residues, and electrical charging ports etc. Of course, paying attention to the signs is very important, since not every caravan park permits camping.

There are currently a lot of applications that can help you find these parks, locate the ones closest to you, and peruse the reviews and opinions of other users, in which you can determine whether or not camping is permitted, if there is a cost, if they offer the services you need, the safety of the enclosure, the volume of people, and any other information regarding the area.


It is the most important difference that we must be cognizant of, given that a simple detail can mark the difference between receiving a sanction or not, for parking in the wrong place.

If the vehicle is parked correctly according to the municipal rules, you can make complete use of it, given that the internal space is private.

In order for it to be parked correctly:

  • The only part of contact with the floor should be with the wheels, or the chocks, which are occasionally recommended for safety, and obligatory for caravans weighing more than 3500 kg.
  • The space that it occupies should not extend beyond the vehicle itself, that is to say awns, pull out tables, or chairs etc are prohibited.
  • There is no type of fluid emission, or waste residue, or leakage.

In no case should we deviate from these rules, given that a simple chair or extended awn could be considered camping and result in a fine. Also ensure that when you are parked, and you are inside the vehicle, you do not make noise that might disturb the surrounding neighbours. Especially in the peak season, in places where there tends to be more motorhome travellers, it is easier to accumulate a fine.

Above all, we recommend that before beginning your journey you consult the specific regulations in the municipalities that you are going to visit, given that they can vary.

And remember, campsites and caravan parks are always a safe option.