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Motorhome Rental Benalmadena

Do you want to rent motorhomes in Benalmadena? In Piqueras we have the best price for renting motorhomes. If you’re going to travel with a motorhome, we make it very easy for you.

We are a company with a long history in the rental of motorhomes. So much so, that thanks to the recommendations and the satisfaction of our customers, we are a reference for a wide range of people who want to rent motorhomes in Benalmadena. And, in addition to more than 10 different models of motorhomes, we offer an attentive, professional, and close service.

At Piqueras we worry that you can enjoy your trip with everything you need. And for that reason, all our motorhomes have all the necessary equipment included without additional cost, and also our last two novelties; air conditioning in the cabin, and 4G wifi without a download limit.

All Equipment when Renting Motorhomes Benalmadena

If you are thinking of renting motorhomes in Benalmadena with all the necessary equipment for a different and unique experience, we are your company. With us, you will not only have all the material included without additional cost but also you will have at your disposal experts in motorhomes that will advise you in everything you need to find the best model for you.

You no longer have excuses not to travel with your family in a motor home. In Piqueras, there is everything that is needed: reasonable price, quality, professionals, and variety to choose from.

Equipment Included in our Motorhomes

Air Conditioner
Burglar + Gas Alarm
Heating System
Parking Wedge
Current Cable
Insurance with Assistance
Solar Panel+Battery
Speed Control
Airbag Driver/Companion
Security Locks
Large Refrigerator
Independent Toilet
Chemical Products WC
Gas Cylinder
Wifi 4G
Full Clean Water Tank

A new destiny awaits you...

A different experience with your own schedule and stops, without having to depend on anything else.

Make the best trip with our Motorhomes

Traveling by motorhome is a form of tourism that very few know. And when they try, they are thinking of repeating again. Either by the infinity of places visited, by not having to depend on anything, or by being able to trace their own routes.

And of course, another factor that makes this experience repeat itself is the excellent rental price of motorhomes in Benalmadena that we offer. And we have more than 10 models less than two years old at incredible rates.

Do not wait any longer, enjoy the best experience with our motorhomes. At Piqueras, we offer you the highest level of quality at an excellent price. Contact us without commitment, our specialists will advise you.

Discover a new way to travel

Motorhome Rentals Benalmadena

Other Complementary Services when Renting Motorhome in Benalmadena

From our reference motorhome rental company in Benalmadena, we want you to have everything you need to enjoy your future motorhome trip fully. Therefore, we offer other complementary services at a very competitive price.

Among which we can highlight; delivery and collection of the motorhome and/or from the airport, free parking service for your vehicle, and personalized advice.

Request information without commitment, in Piqueras we will advise you on everything.

Free Parking Service

Personalized Advice

Delivery/Pick Up at the Airport

Home Delivery/Pick Up

enjoy the way...

Enjoy the landscape, the nature, the routes that you choose...