Requirements to rent a motorhome in Spain

The freedom when travelling, to feel that you can take your home to wherever you like, or to travel economically, those are just some of the advantages of travelling in a motorhome, but it is important to keep in mind a range of factors before renting a motorhome.

One of the things that we ask ourselves most before beginning to travel in a motorhome, are the requirements to rent a motorhome, since generally there are more conditions at hand than renting a normal vehicle.

The main requirements to rent a motorhome are:


The main, and non-negotiable requirement, is that the main, and any secondary driver on the contract, must be of the minimum age, which is generally over 25 years old.


Regarding the driving license, it must be currently valid, and normally the motorhome rental companies require a minimum of two years on a type B license for models with a maximum weight of 3500kg. For models of a greater size, a type C license is required to rent and drive the motorhome. The majority of motorhomes weigh less than 3500kg.

If you’re going to drive in a country outside of the European Union, you will need an international license. Moreover, the norm is to request authorisation from the rental company, given that most will not authorise it.

Some rental companies will also request more than one or two years of insurance history, that is, having had insurance under your name for more than a year.


Normally the motorhome rental companies have a minimum number of days for rental. Generally, around three days depending on the company, and in the high demand season the minimum number of days may increase to seven days. Of course, in these times the mileage is almost always unlimited.


As with any rental, a deposit is required when taking the vehicle, which varies depending on the motorhome model. The average price can be between 500 and 1000 euros, and the payment method is generally debit/credit card.

The motorhome should be returned in the same condition that it was given, any damages may affect the deposit, therefore, it is important to have insurance in order and to know what is included. For example, fuel is generally not included.

Other important requirements to keep in mind:  


Normally pets are not permitted in rental motorhomes, but some companies, like ours, permit travelling with pets on board.


Depending on the company there may be different types of prohibited activities, for example, it is never permitted to smoke inside a motorhome, nor to light candles.

Conditions of cleanliness must also be adhered to.

And of course, you need to respect the speed limits when driving the motorhome.

You can check the requirements for Autocaravanas Piqueras in our Conditions section.

Now that you know if you comply with all of the requirements to rent a motorhome, what are you waiting for to begin your journey?