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Which licence do you need to drive a motorhome?

Driving a motorhome is like having a small house on wheels. It’s freedom, adventure, and comfort, all in one. But, do you know which licence you need to embark on this adventure? We invite you to find out and, along the way, to learn some tips and tricks you might not have known.

Which licence is required to drive motorhomes in Spain?

The B licence and motorhomes: What should you know?

When you think of the B licence, you automatically associate it with cars. However, this licence allows you to drive vehicles weighing up to 3,500 kg. Yes! This includes a wide range of motorhomes. So, if you already have this licence, you’re one step away from the road adventure.

When the C1 licence becomes essential

Motorhomes that range between 3,500 kg and 7,500 kg require additional skills for their driving. Not only because of their weight but also their size and the need to manoeuvre them in tight spaces or narrow roads. This is where the C1 licence comes into play, preparing you to handle these road beasts safely.

Large motorhomes: Do you need the C licence?

The C licence is for the true motorhome enthusiasts. Those who don’t skimp on size or comforts. These motorhomes are real rolling mansions, and therefore, driving them requires superior knowledge and skill.

Types of caravans based on weight and licences


These little beauties are ideal for couples or small families. They’re compact but incredibly functional. With the B licence, you can take the wheel and set out to explore.


Recognisable by the overhang above the driver’s cabin, they offer additional space usually used as a bed. Most are in the B licence range, but some heavier ones might require the C1.


We’re talking luxury on wheels. A-Class motorhomes tend to be heavier, so you’ll likely need the C1 licence or even the C.


They strike a perfect balance between size and comfort. With more streamlined lines than the overcabs, they offer a modern design and, in many cases, can be driven with the B licence.

Differences between driving a car and a motorhome

Driving a motorhome is not the same as driving a car. You’re taking an entire home with you, which implies more responsibility. You must be aware of the space you occupy, especially when turning or parking. It’s also essential to understand that the vehicle’s reactions, like braking or accelerating, are slower due to its weight.

Legal and regulatory aspects of motorhome driving

Driving a motorhome isn’t just about having the right licence. You need to be aware of the regulations on where you can park overnight, speed limitations, and specific rules that some cities or regions might have regarding these vehicles. Being informed is essential to enjoy the journey without legal setbacks.

Driving a motorhome is a unique experience that combines the freedom of travel with the comfort of home. But, like everything, it requires preparation and knowledge. Now that you know which licence you need, are you ready for the adventure? Contact Motorhomes Piqueras, and we’ll assist you in everything you need.