Campers: The latest travel trend

We present you Campers: The latest travel trend. With the pandemic and border closures, the number of people opting for a holiday on wheels has increased. They are not only returning customers, but also new users of this hobby who are interested in the sale and rental of these vehicles.

Great Advantages

You will feel as free as the wind because a camper van is easy to drive, practical and comfortable. It gives you peace of mind and mobility like no other form of travelling: your itinerary can change at any time; surprisingly…!

There’s nothing better than having everything you want at hand at all times and travelling with everything you want. There is no need to choose between the children’s bike or the kitchen utensils, everything fits! Furthermore, even in the most remote places.

We travel to wherever we want, whenever we want while keeping our budget in check.

Essential tips for beginners

You have rented a camper for the first time at Autocaravanas Piqueras. Congratulations, now you have to get ready for your trip. Quickly find out what you need to know to enjoy the best of trips!

  • They can be driven with a type B licence.
  • They must be parked in places specifically designated for this purpose.
  • Parking” is not the same as “camping”. You have to behave properly: a vehicle is parked when it touches the ground only with its wheels and does not occupy more space than a closed car and does not emit any fluids or produce any nuisance.
  • Park the camper in a suitable area depending on the sun and shade. This will prevent it from overheating during the day. And at night, temperatures drop and it can get cold, so you should have warm bedding at hand.
  • Stabilising wedges are essential to level the van in order to be able to sleep, shower or cook comfortably.
  • Special tablets or liquids should be used to flush toilets.
  • Place heavy items in low places and light items in high places.
  • Plan rest stops and service intervals before setting off on your journey.

Characteristics of Campers: The latest travel trend

A camper van is a standard van that has been converted into a habitable vehicle with appropriate exterior modifications and interior fittings.

I have chosen a camper van:

  • Because of its greater manoeuvrability; and reduced dimensions – especially the width – which make it easier to park.
  • At stops it is less visible and intrusive, causing less disturbance.
  • For its lower fuel consumption due to its lighter weight.
  • Because it is cheaper to rent.

Camper Roller Team Livingstone 5 Sport

Autocaravanas Piqueras  offers you the possibility of renting the Camper Roller Team Livingstone 5 Sport. An agile and manoeuvrable vehicle which is less than 6 metres long and is ideal for travelling with the entire family.

It is ideal to travel with your entire family in complete freedom. It can accommodate up to 5 people as it has two double beds and a lounge that converts into a single bed. It also has a two-burner gas cooker, a sink with hot and cold water, a toilet and a separate shower.

camper-roller-team The latest travel trend

This is a caravan designed for colder climates, so the temperature inside is always comfortable, no matter what the temperature is outside.