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Ten things you should know if you want to rent a Motorhome

Useful reading before going to a rental establishment, for those who are going to venture into this form of tourism. What motorhome do I need?

The first thing is to choose the type of vehicle that best fits your trip. And for this, not only do we have to take into account the number of people who will travel with us but also we will want to take into account: maneuverability, interior comfort, kitchen, wide spaces… For this you have to choose between the camper / vans adapted as motorhomes that are perfect for couples or small groups of travelers looking to enjoy a life on wheels without the need for great luxury-; the integrals, for those who seek comfort, quality and wide spaces; the nasturtiums, which add a space over the driver’s cabin, as a bedroom, making them ideal for four, five or even six people; and the profiled, similar to the nasturtiums but with greater maneuverability and a smaller protuberance on the cabin, designed for small families or small groups of friends.

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    Remember that, generally, the larger the size of the motorhome, the greater the fuel consumption. However, if the vehicle is too small for the number of people and can barely be comfortable in the common spaces when parked, then perhaps you will spend more forcing yourself to do more activities on the outside.
    It’s not always a guarantee, but it’s usual that a new motorhome presents fewer problems than one with more than five years old. Looking at the year of registration is always a good precaution.
    Although rents aren’t as high as they were a decade ago, if you have a mishap that must be corrected and the insurance you’ve hired doesn’t cover it, it’s possible that the repair will involve a significant outlay. After all, a motorhome is not a car, and repairs are more expensive. That’s why it’s a good idea to have insurance coverage. Especially if it’s your first time behind the wheel of a motorhome, when you still have to pay close attention to its length, height and width to avoid accidents.
    Not all rentals include the same equipment, so it’s essential that you ask what’s included with your rental. The usual thing is that the crockery, the kitchen utensils, the bed linen and sometimes even the child seats are included in the price, but it never hurts to ask if it also includes GPS, bottles, chains…
    Motorhomes don’t need much maintenance, but you do have to know how to carry out certain basic operations so that the trip doesn’t turn into a nightmare. Filling water, recharge energy or gas and get rid of waste – in the right place – are operations that you will have to do. Therefore, if the rental company doesn’t explain the operation of the motorhome, you should always ask.
    The advantage of a motorhome is that it gives you an impressive freedom and in fact you can stop and sleep practically anywhere. However, if you want to drain gray or black water or recharge water and energy you will need an appropriate place for it (parking areas for motorhomes or camping vehicles). Taking it into account is a good idea.
    The General Circulation Regulation establishes a maximum speed of 90 km/h on conventional roads and 100 km/h on highways and motorways, data that is good to know to avoid fines. With regard to the rest of the roads, the speed allowed for a motorhome is up to 80km/h, except in the city, where it’s the same limit implemented for personal vehicles, in other words, 50km/h.
    The length of a motorhome is much greater than that of a car, so when making a turn you have to try to separate approximately one meter from the walls, traffic signs, traffic lights or vehicles. Keep that in mind and hold on tight to the steering wheel to avoid any inconvenience.
    When overtaking a vehicle, with a motorhome, you have to keep in mind that you will receive a great impact created by the air due to the size of the motorhome.
    Enjoy the way…
    Enjoy the landscape, the nature, the routes that you choose…