Five tips before renting a motorhome

To travel in a motorhome has the great advantage of permitting you to go where you want, to sleep in a different place every night, to have all your amenities where you are, and all that at a reduced cost, but it’s important to choose wisely, or the journey can end up more expensive than expected. If you want your journey to turn out how you imagine…


Follow these tips before renting a motorhome:

Keep in mind the equipment and space

It is important adapt to the appropriate size that you are going to need, the bigger motorhome the more difficult it will be to manage, the more fuel it will consume, and the more expensive it will be. Therefore, select the necessary size depending on the occupants that will be travelling in it.

The best option for a couple is a campervan, and the nasturtium for groups, since they take advantage of the space above the driver’s cabin.

Not all companies provide the same equipment, generally they include bedding, kitchen utensils, even child seats, but they’re not always included, cylinders, folding chairs, chains etc. For this reason, it’s important to consult the company.


Autocaravanas Piqueras strive to provide all the necessary equipment for the comfort of the traveller.


Compare prices

Calculating your available budget is the first thing you need to do, keeping in mind that there will be some extra costs, like fuel. After, take your time to find the best prices, keeping in mind that they may rise in high demand seasons like summer, therefore it would be a good idea to rent your motorhome in advance.

Check if they are maintained

They do not need a lot of maintenance, but the functioning of the motorhome needs to be clear, it is not enough to only know how to measure the oil level, it is important to know how to charge the energy, the gas supply and how to dispose of residual waste.

In addition, knowing that the toilet waste needs to be emptied in designated areas, that you can find on campsites or on public sites for motorhome parking. Not depositing it in the correct site might lead to a fine.

Valid Driving license

Although it may be obvious, it’s important to confirm that the driving license is valid should you find yourself outside of the European Union, to be sure that the license is international and confirm that we have sufficient remaining years on the license as some rental offices usually request.

It is also necessary to keep in mind the insurance conditions, and to thoroughly read the fine print. Since a motorhome is not equal to a car, repairs are generally more expensive. The best recommendation, always opt for insurance that covers all risks, especially the first few times you rent, until you are accustomed to its length, height and width.

Guide for where to sleep

There are many free parking places for motorhomes, where you can stay overnight, and moreover, use all of the basic services that you need, like waste disposal points.

There is also the option of a camp site, in which you have access to many extra services, and a more secure enclosure, although the price is higher.

Before renting a motorhome, the ideal would be to execute a small logistics plan, depending on the type of journey you’re going to have, and that informs you of the different motorhome services by zone. There are currently a lot of applications that can help find these areas, but of course, leave something to improvisation. The greatest advantage of travelling in a motorhome is the adventure of being able to go where you want. At Autocaravanas Piqueras, we are delighted to help with everything you need, do not hesitate to get in contact with us.